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30 Jul

I love: The Domino Bike


bikedominoIs it just me or does it feel like this summer is flying by at lightning speed? Well, before this summer passes me by I’m going to throw my beach cruiser in the trunk of my car and take a lazy ride around Newport Beach. The thought came to me when I saw this lovely Domino Bike in my inbox. Any product that conjures up feelings of summer play is a must have for me. If you don’t already own a beach cruiser I recommend checking some out. Anywho, I hope you guys have been having an amazing time out in the sun. If not, I suggest hopping on a bike a letting the wind blow through your hair…Happy Summer Everyone!


05 Jun

Living Small: Black Kitchen



Who said you can’t use dark hues in a small space? Not I! Normally I’m not a fan of black kitchens (very Adams family to me) but I just love how designer Lilly Bunn painted the cabinets in this tiny kitchen to bring life and interest to the space. The black and white contrast gives it a tailored, uniform feel instead of cramped hallway vibe. The professional high-end appliances also lend to the polished atmosphere of the space which helps take away from the “just for show” sense that is associated with most small kitchens.

Tips To Take Away:

#1. The color doesn’t matter. It’s how you use it that counts.

#2. Professional appliances are a must

#3. A bit of contrast never hurt nobody

07 May

Where to Shop: Treillage


BWGetting a personal tour of Treillage by co-owner and legendary interior designer Bunny Williams was definitely one of the highlights of BlogTourNYC. Treillage is a garden, interiors and antique store located in New York City. The shop is filled with delightful treasures from all around the world. It was a pleasure to have Bunny personally speak to the group and share some of words of wisdom. After said talk you could see why she and John Rosselli’s well-honed style and aesthetic has led to such a thriving curated store. I’m talking eye candy for days. If you are every in need of prized piece, then Treillage is the store for you…Happy Shopping Everyone!

BW2John and Bunny

BW4Eye Candy For Dayz

BW3I really wanted to take this little guy home

BW5Dishware still on my mind

05 May

I love: New York Eye Candy


MVIt has been awhile since I’ve posted about some of the fabulous things I’m in love with at the moment. I did have the honor of sharing some of the things that caught my eye during Blogtour New York. You can check them out over on the Blogtour website as while as all the items the other bloggers fell head over heels for…Happy Decorating Everyone!

26 Apr

Spring Blooms with Tess Casey


TCDuring BlogtourNYC Veronika and the Modenus team put together a flower arranging class for the group. This informative class was sponsored by Troy Hanson and Megan Reilly of WestEdge Design Fair and taught by the talented Tess Casey. Tess and her studio is responsible for some of the fabulous flower settings you see on the big screen and television. She has a long list of credits to her name but her most infamous bouquet is the one Carrie Bradshaw used to hit Mr. Big upside the head when he left her waiting at the alter in Sex and the City the movie.

TC7Before the class we were treated to a tour of the New York City flower district. This tour made me a bit jealous because I wish we had such an expansive flower district in my area. Honestly, when it comes to buying flowers here in Orange County, a trip to Trader Joe’s is as good as it gets. It was great seeing all the different types of floras and learning some of their names. Once the tour was over, we all gathered at Tess’s design studio to get our knowledge (and mimosa) on.

TC2 During the class I discovered that flower arranging and interior design shared some of the same principles, such as scale and balance. One of my favorite tips from the session was to cut tulips low because they will keep growing once they are in water. If you cut them low they won’t out grow your arrangement and throw off the balance.  I had tons of fun and hope to apply all of the tips and tricks I learned to some of my own flowers creations this spring. Below is a picture of my first attempt at arranging flowers. What do you think? Pretty fab right?…Happy Spring Everyone!

TC3I hope my next attempt turns out as pretty

TC4Troy Hanson of WestEdge Design Fair serving up some liquid flower arranging courage.

TC5Veronika and Tess having a moment with Veronika’s fab creation

TC6The lovely Faith Sheridan posing with her beautiful arrangement