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03 Jun

Adore Home

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photo 1It feels like I haven’t posted in forever and a day. I’ve been really busy planning and plotting my world domination (insert Maleficent laughter here)…Just Kidding! But on the real real I’ve been working on a few things that I can’t wait to share. Hopefully all will be in place by the end of the week. In the meantime, check out the June/July issue of Adore Home Magazine. It’s all about glam work spaces. Make sure to check out the space on page 36. The ombre curtains are super fab…Happy Reading Everyone!

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21 Apr

Matchbook Magazine


MBMAprilWith so much going on I haven’t really had time to curl up with some of my favorite digital magazines. I’m hoping to find some time this week to skim through the April issue of Matchbook Magazine. Have you checked it out yet?…Happy Reading Everyone!

06 Mar

Rue Magazine



The March 2014 issue of Rue Magazine is now available for our reading pleasure. This issue is all about color. Just in time for the spring blooms and summer wishes. Check out page 124 for a very chic South Beach pad. I love the designers controlled use of color. Happy Reading Everyone!…xoxo Typhanie

28 Feb

Weekend Reading: Dabble Magazine

Dabble Cover

Dabble Cover

Issue 13 of Dabble Magazine went live yesterday. I was very excited to see that my birth place of Jamaica is the main feature in this issue. Lots of great spots to check out that will help you plan your next Caribbean vacation. Make sure to check out page 63 if you want to bring a little bit of the island into your home. You can never go wrong with some fried King Fish…Happy Reading Everyone!…xoxo Typhanie

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