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05 Jun

Living Small: Black Kitchen



Who said you can’t use dark hues in a small space? Not I! Normally I’m not a fan of black kitchens (very Adams family to me) but I just love how designer Lilly Bunn painted the cabinets in this tiny kitchen to bring life and interest to the space. The black and white contrast gives it a tailored, uniform feel instead of cramped hallway vibe. The professional high-end appliances also lend to the polished atmosphere of the space which helps take away from the “just for show” sense that is associated with most small kitchens.

Tips To Take Away:

#1. The color doesn’t matter. It’s how you use it that counts.

#2. Professional appliances are a must

#3. A bit of contrast never hurt nobody

22 Apr

Living Small: Blanco Culina Mini


441623_CULINA-MINI_SNSince I’m developing a real love for innovative faucets, I thought I would share this beauty from Blanco with you. Perfect for small space dweller the Culina Mini has all the function and performance of the full size Culina faucet. The sleekness of this fixture caught my eye, along with the tangle-free closed coil with magnetic spray holder. Which shows that everyday function was at the forefront during the development. The elegant design of the Culina Mini also makes it picture-perfect for open space floor plans. I’m kind of sad that it’s only avalible in a Polished Chrome or Satin Nickel finish. I would have liked to have seen it in a Polished Brass finish. Especially for an open floor plan concept. Yup, I’m still addicted to that brass. None the less, if you are looking for a professional kitchen faucet that’s just the right size for your small space I suggest checking out the Culina Mini by Blanco…Happy Decorating Small Space Lovers!


07 Mar

Decorating With Sheer Curtains



It gets uneasy for me to imagine decorating a room that isn’t cloaked in darkness due to blackout curtains. Some days a girl just needs to sleep in and I for one hate being told what to do even by the Sun. So I have deleted sheer drapes from my mental decorating database. But to be truly honest I must say I miss the lightness and feminine feel sheer curtains have to offer. If you are looking to decorate with sheer curtains here are a few tips to help you get the most of the natural light providers.

1. Add Body
For a fuller look and feel, pick curtain panels that are at least twice the width of your window frame.

2. Keep It Light
Sheer curtains come in a verity of colors but a crisp white sheer can add a fresh, clean touch to any space.

3. Let it Hang
Add a bit of drama to the look of your curtains by allowing them to pool on the floor. So Glam!

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21 Feb

Weekend Reading: Rue Magazine



The February issue of Rue Magazine went live a couple weeks ago. If you haven’t had time to check it out you should curl up with your digital copy this weekend. Also, this is a good issue for small space dweller to take a look at. The studio on page 78 has an inspiring layout and the small apartment on page 108 provides some practical small space living tips…Happy Reading Everyone!…xoxo Typhanie


13 Nov

Working It



There is something very calming and relaxing about this study designed by Interior Designer John Willey. The over size art work and black lacquered walls give the room a whimsical feminine and masculine touch. The lightly colored accents keep the black walls from making the space feel dark and scary. I’m not sure how much studying I would get done in this room. It seems more like a great place to curl up and watch tv. And if I were a teenager it would be the most awesome makeout spot. I want to lounge and have a glass of Bourbon in it. I just won’t be working in the space. So what do you think, best place to lounge or best place to work? …Happy Decorating Everyone!


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