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08 Apr

Ruskin Series for Rutt



During BlogTourNYC I got to have a firsthand look at the Ruskin Series for Rutt by designer Scott A. Stultz. The Ruskin series was unveiled at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show and designer Scott Stultz was on hand to give us a very informative talk about the design principles behind the new series. Steeped in tradition the new cabinetry collection has focused not only on the history of design but also on what captures us emotionally. I found the design of the new series to be well thought out with a keen eye towards function and practicality.


One of my favorite pieces is this drawer designed especially to house dinnerware. As most of you know I have dishware addiction that I don’t plan on kicking anytime soon. Stacked as if it were designer steam trunks, the cabinet full of drawers is perfectly made to store any fine {or not so fine} china.


In the booth the collaboration between Miele and Rutt was on full display. The contrast between the brilliant white finish of the Miele Whole Bean Coffee system and the deeper wood tone of the Rutt cabinetry showed how these two company’s products flow flawlessly together. If you would like to see more of the Ruskin Series for Rutt you can view more here or check out the video below…Happy Designing Everyone!

07 Apr

Miele Introduces Truffle Brown



I got so much great information and inspiration from attending the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, which took place March 20-23 at Pier 94 in New York. One of the top trends I took away from the show is “colorful finishes”. And the award for that trend goes to Miele, who introduced their latest hue Truffle Brown which was displayed on several of their new Combi-Steam Ovens. The oven itself is quite impressive. Designed to combine the power of steam and convection technology into one appliance, Miele aims to bring the gourmet experience into our homes. To tell you the truth, I’m not a big fan of cooking. I subscribe to the “semi-homemade” philosophy and would gladly marry Sandra Lee in two seconds flat just to get her to cook {and make cocktails} for me. When it comes to ovens the only two things I care about are, the food that come out of said oven and how glam it looks in my kitchen. So you can see why the sleek design matched with the beautiful Truffle Brown finish of this oven has absolutely won me over. And with the rousing return of brass finishes on hardware I can just picture how super glam my kitchen would be with this oven in it taking center stage. Unfortunately I live in an apartment and can’t have the appliances or finishes I would like. If I could, the sketch below shows how I would be incorporating Truffle Brown into my kitchen design. Lots of white cabinetry with brass hardware and accent pieces. I would keep it light and airy so the truffle brown finish really pops…How would you design your kitchen to feature this fabulous new finish?…Happy Decorating Everyone!

TruffleBrownKit“Lots of white cabinetry with brass hardware and accent pieces”

miele4“I needed a mani but I just had to show you how fab the brown and brass combo looks”

mieletb2“Display on oven”

mieletb3“display of oven in truffle brown finish”

26 Mar

I’m Back {for a bit}



The trip to New York with BlogTourNYC was AMAZING. I have so much to share. From new trends to lessons learned. This journey was packed full of information. Most importantly I feel so blessed to have met everyone in this BlogTour group. Every single person now holds a special place in my heart and I’m so honored to call each one my friend. Because of them this is one adventure I will never forget. Granted I now have a few stories I cannot share {most involving tassels} but I will say that in just one short week I have grown considerable as a person and as a blogger, thanks to them. I can’t wait to tell you all about it but first I have to let you know that the site will be under construction from Saturday March 29th till Tuesday April 1st {no April fool’s joke intended}. We will be up and running again on Wednesday the 2nd.


Once our mini facelift is complete I will be back to let you know why I’m hanging out in this bath tub and why you’ll be craving truffles for the rest of the year.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy Decorating Everyone!…xoxo Typhanie

Image One Courtesy of: @DeborahMain

Image Two Courtesy of: @CozyStylishChic