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28 Nov

Save Big, Shop Small



It is that time of year again, and if you are like me I know Christmas shopping can be super hectic for you. Especially on Black Friday. God knows I’ve had my fair share of 3am days waiting in line for a somewhat good deal on whatever the new fangled doo-hickey of the season was {I think it was a Wii}. Well, I have some good news if you’re tired of fighting with the masses at your local big box retailer and freezing your ass off to get that great deal, you can give us small businesses a try this Saturday.

American Express has done an amazing job developing and promoting “SHOP SMALL” Saturday. This year they are going as far as spotting you $10 for every $10 you spend {up to $30} at any registered small business. You can get more information on how to participate and register your American Express card here.


I’m happy to say Typhanie Peterson Textiles is part of the shop small community. And to show our appreciation for your support on November 29th you can also receive 20% off of our handmade eco friendly designer pillows by entering code “SHOPSMALL” at checkout. Not only will you be helping out my super small business. You can also boast to your friends about the awesome eco-friendly, lumbar supporting, handmade in the USA pillows that you picked up for the holiday.

So before you trudge back to the crowded mall on Saturday missing out on precious time with your family. Spend a few minutes online checking out the local shops participating in this program and of course don’t forget to check out our fabulous pillows.

P.S. Want to cuddle with our pillows in person? Stop by Lu Lu Too Boutique in Costa Mesa, CA and get your hug on.

27 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving



Happy Thanksgiving everyone from my family to yours. Wishing you all a joyous and blessed day. Remember to stay safe and humble as you use the day to be thankful for everything you have in your life. But also take a moment to be thankful for some of the things you don’t yet have in your life as you strive to be your highest most fabulous self. I’m VERY thankful for you for reading this blog and for showing me such love and support…xoxoxo


05 Nov

New Blog and More


In some ways I’m still grieving over the passing of Mr. Bigglesworth. It’s been over a month now but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to sit down and let it all sink in. I keep his ashes close to me while I work so I can still feel like he’s project managing me. He had the best “I’m the boss” face and I miss him every day. Before I get into all that’s been going on, I want to take the time to say thank you to everyone who has sent their condolences and well wishes. It has meant a lot to me and the hubby. You all hold a very special place in our hearts forever…xoxo


As promised from my last post there will be a few updates/changes going on here at Typhanie Peterson Design. First you will notice that I have already moved my fab pillows to a new Etsy store. The fabrics are not listed there at the moment but will be returning with a new site dedicated to textiles only. This will make it easier for those of you looking to just shop for pillows and fabrics. And it will I so make it easier for me to keep orders, emails and contacts organized. I will also be doing a lot more boutique shows in the upcoming months. Here is a link to the first show this month. The 5th Semi-Annual Newport Beach Boutique Benefit at the Newport Beach Tennis club is happening this Thursday November 6th. The benefit is for Hope For The Warriors which is a wonderful cause. If you are in the Orange County area I would love to see you there. My show calendar will be available on the Etsy store this weekend and the new textile site once it is up.


And We’ve Moved!! I’m still living out of boxes but I’m loving our new place. I promise to share all the apartment updates in another post. And a post on how I tripped all of our circuit breakers trying to rewire my vintage chandelier. Fun stuff going on in this 683sqft apartment.

NOW for the project I’m really excited about. I’m starting a new blog. I’ve grown so much over the past few years that I decided I wanted to write a blog that reflected everything going on around me. All my old post, diy projects and info will still be available at I just won’t be updating it anymore once the new blog is up. The new blog, Breakfast at Typhanie’s will be more of a lifestyle blog. I will cover everything from décor to fashion to healthy eating and more. I can’t wait to share all my obsessions, knowledge and rantings with you.  If you want to know when Breakfast at Typhanie’s is on and popping just sign up for my newsletter {click here}.

Okay, I think that’s it for now. As always, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Or just leave a comment below…Happy Fall Everyone!

P.s. Can it be fall if it’s 90 degrees outside?

15 Sep

Well, Hello There



I haven’t blogged most of these summer months because life has been so chaotic. I’ve been using the time away to be with my family and Mr. Bigglesworth. I’m happy to say he’s still hanging in there. Even though he’s way past the time table the Vet had given us. Hubby and I were so excited he made it to September that we spent the 1st of the month spoiling him. He was super fat on tuna that day.

I constantly look to learn from all situations in life. These past few months have taught me a great deal. Besides my little fur baby’s illness I’ve had to deal with health issues of my own. What I thought was a simple allergic reaction to some plant in my neighborhood has turned out to be a Candida Overgrowth. Needless to say for the past several weeks I’ve been on the diet from hell. No yeast, no sugar, no wheat, no alcohol and nothing that taste good. The first two weeks had me in tears and curled up in a ball on the floor. But once I got through the detox and the no meat portion of the diet things got a tiny bit more bearable. Finding recipes on Pinterest has helped a lot. Even though I feel like I spend half my day in the kitchen. On this diet if you don’t make it, you’re not eating. I have four and a half months left on this regimen so please pray for me. I will share some of the more delicious recipes with you so you may suffer be as happy and as healthy as me.


In the past few months I’ve also come to realize that I need to simplify my life and business. I really missed blogging and sharing all the wonderful goodies I’ve found. But I didn’t have the energy or the organization in place to keep blogging and working. So for the next several weeks I’ll be plotting and planning a more efficient way to do things. I even got myself a Day Designer. It’s so lovely and I feel like we are BFFs’ already even though it’s a January 2015 edition. I will definitely be writing a post on this fab agenda.

blog1Also, we’re moving!!

Hubby and I are moving to a new apartment at the end of the month and the shop will be moving to our new Etsy store. More to come on the new apartment later and hopefully a Garage Sale announcement for those of you who live in the Orange County area. The new Etsy store should be stocked this weekend with some limited edition/quantity of our Basic Pillow Collection. The current store will be coming down this Friday so if you need some fabulous Linen pillow and/or fabrics this is your last chance. Also, our Hinge Modern Collection will only be available at

I’m excited about the Etsy store because we’ve opened up shipping worldwide and it also allows us to get items to you faster. You no longer have to wait weeks to enjoy our stylish pillows.

Okay, I’ve gone on long enough. Hope you have an amazing week. And thank you for all the love and support…xoxo Typhanie!

P.S. Did you notice the new hair?

26 Apr

Spring Blooms with Tess Casey


TCDuring BlogtourNYC Veronika and the Modenus team put together a flower arranging class for the group. This informative class was sponsored by Troy Hanson and Megan Reilly of WestEdge Design Fair and taught by the talented Tess Casey. Tess and her studio is responsible for some of the fabulous flower settings you see on the big screen and television. She has a long list of credits to her name but her most infamous bouquet is the one Carrie Bradshaw used to hit Mr. Big upside the head when he left her waiting at the alter in Sex and the City the movie.

TC7Before the class we were treated to a tour of the New York City flower district. This tour made me a bit jealous because I wish we had such an expansive flower district in my area. Honestly, when it comes to buying flowers here in Orange County, a trip to Trader Joe’s is as good as it gets. It was great seeing all the different types of floras and learning some of their names. Once the tour was over, we all gathered at Tess’s design studio to get our knowledge (and mimosa) on.

TC2 During the class I discovered that flower arranging and interior design shared some of the same principles, such as scale and balance. One of my favorite tips from the session was to cut tulips low because they will keep growing once they are in water. If you cut them low they won’t out grow your arrangement and throw off the balance.  I had tons of fun and hope to apply all of the tips and tricks I learned to some of my own flowers creations this spring. Below is a picture of my first attempt at arranging flowers. What do you think? Pretty fab right?…Happy Spring Everyone!

TC3I hope my next attempt turns out as pretty

TC4Troy Hanson of WestEdge Design Fair serving up some liquid flower arranging courage.

TC5Veronika and Tess having a moment with Veronika’s fab creation

TC6The lovely Faith Sheridan posing with her beautiful arrangement

15 Mar

Off We Go



I am headed to New York today to start my BlogTour journey. I’m arriving a few days early so I can spend some time with my good friend Kristen Stewart {not the actress but still as fabulous}. She has loads of stuff planned for us to do so I hope I’m not too sick to enjoy it all. Tuesday is the official start to BlogTour and I can’t wait to share everything Veronkia, her team and the wonderful sponsors have in store for us. You can follow our twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see everything I’m falling in {and out of} love with. I’m really excited about this trip. To tell you the truth I don’t really travel all that much. But for some strange reason I am pretty good at packing. Here are a few basic necessities I need when packing for a trip. First, I have to have luggage that maximizes. Thankfully hubby does travel a lot and a big roomy suitcase can always be found. Second I need a dopp kit to put my face in. This is where I pack my face creams, toothbrush, makeup remover and more. The third thing I need is my makeup travel bag. This is where I keep my pretty face {aka makeup}, jewelry, curling iron and perfumes. I like the ones with the soft materials because they fit better inside my suitcase. Last but not least I have to have a good travel wallet. I love having everything in one place because all my loose cards and tickets just get lost in my handbag full of magazines. TAS is no joke and I don’t have time to rummage through the vortex that is my purse. And there you have it! The few items I need to pack right. So, what are some of the items you need when packing for a trip? Safe Travels Everyone!…xoxo Typhanie

1. Kate Spade Suitcase 2. Hammocks and High Tea Dopp kit 3. Kate Spade Manuela Make-up Bag 4. The World Travel Wallet