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26 Mar

I’m Back {for a bit}



The trip to New York with BlogTourNYC was AMAZING. I have so much to share. From new trends to lessons learned. This journey was packed full of information. Most importantly I feel so blessed to have met everyone in this BlogTour group. Every single person now holds a special place in my heart and I’m so honored to call each one my friend. Because of them this is one adventure I will never forget. Granted I now have a few stories I cannot share {most involving tassels} but I will say that in just one short week I have grown considerable as a person and as a blogger, thanks to them. I can’t wait to tell you all about it but first I have to let you know that the site will be under construction from Saturday March 29th till Tuesday April 1st {no April fool’s joke intended}. We will be up and running again on Wednesday the 2nd.


Once our mini facelift is complete I will be back to let you know why I’m hanging out in this bath tub and why you’ll be craving truffles for the rest of the year.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Happy Decorating Everyone!…xoxo Typhanie

Image One Courtesy of: @DeborahMain

Image Two Courtesy of: @CozyStylishChic

12 Mar

Eye Candy



Daylight savings has got me a bit out of whack. I have tons to get done before heading to New York for BlogTour. So in honor of work that needs to get done, today’s hump day is all about the office. Hope these fab offices get your creative juices flowing. Happy Hump Day Everyone!…xoxo Typhanie

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27 Feb

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Malibu Beach Hous



For the past couple of weeks I’ve been seeing so many articles about Leonardo DiCaprio’s Malibu Beach House that has recently been put on the market for a whopping $18.9 Million. Let’s round up and call it an even $19 Million. I’m not really feeling the decor in this pricy seven bedroom six bathroom house but the layout is something else. Oh and the views aren’t bad either. You can read more about the listing here at My questions to you is, is it worth the $19 Million? I mean if you had that much cash laying around would this be the home you would spend it on?…Happy Real Estate Investing Everyone!…xoxo Typhanie