13 Mar

Spring Time In New York


The spring H&M catalog arrived in my mail box the other day and it took all of my self-control not to run out the door with my credit card yelling “charge it”. Also there is no spring in Southern California. It was 90 degrees this past weekend. We go from rain boots straight into flip flops and tank tops. But if we did have a real spring, how gorgeous it would be? Since I’m headed to New York in a couple of days to experience real spring time, I figured I would do a bit of outfit daydreaming. This is the outfit I see myself wearing in Central Park while eating a slice of pizza. I would then proceed to get pizza sauce all over the white shirt, forcing me to keep my coat buttoned all day to hide the stain. Which will be fine since it’s pretty chilly in New York right now. Oh, how I love outfit daydreaming. What outfits are you day dreaming about right now? Happy Shopping Everyone!…xoxo Typhanie

1. Fitted Coat $49.95 2. Short Necklace $9.95 3. Handbag $24.95 4. Sleeveless Blouse $9.95   5. Crinkled Skirt $34.95 6. Bracelet $7.95 7. Ballet Flats $24.95

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