26 Sep

Bone of Contention


I’m never one to argue when I see a fabulous product. In fact, as someone who designs products herself I can appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears that goes into bringing ones creation to life. And as you may know I’m all for buying what you love, trend or no trend. But what really spins my head sometimes is the gap between fab and ridiculous. For instance, I’ve seen these wishbone paperweights all over the place. I think it’s an amazing home accessory and if you are a dreamer like me, it’s something inspiring to have in your office. I want one! I want to look at it every day and remember that wishes do come true. So on my journey to find “The” wishbone I came across one for $48 and one for $58 and then one for $3,950…Whoooat! Don’t get me wrong I know luxe when I see it but $3,950? As a decorator I’m happy to say price tags like these for what the product is still make me a bit light headed. Yes, in my head I know the difference in quality between a $48 product and a $3,950 product but the real questions is, do I know it in my heart?…Happy Decorating Everyone!




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