28 Feb

Living Small: Tiny Bedroom

This tiny bedroom by Jen Chu is every New Yorkers dream. It’s small on size but it’s big on character. Not only does she fit a large four poster bed into this tiny room but she also manages to carve out a spot for a well organized office. The dark ceiling paint advances the ceiling downward to create a warm cozy feel in an otherwise light and bright space. The glitzy chandelier is just icing on the cupcake…Happy Decorating Everyone!

Small Space Tips from This Room:
1. Dark paint can create a warm and cozy feel in a small space
2. If you can’t build out, build up
3. Stay organized
4. The contrast between light and dark colors can be a beautiful thing

8 thoughts on “Living Small: Tiny Bedroom

  1. Lovely, so many fantastic ideas in one small space. Our home is not very big either, some rooms a tad bigger than others so im always on the look out for great small space ideas. thanks for sharing

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