24 May

DIY- Tea Lamp

I’ve wanted to do this Tea Lamp project for awhile now, ever since I saw this lamp at Anthropology but I didn’t want to drill through anything. Then I remembered seeing a no drill option in one of my magazines. So I went through my magazine drawer and sure enough I found it in the April 2009 issue of Country Living. It’s an easy three step process that uses clay instead of drilling. I had lots of fun making this lamp and I hope you guys try it. Please email me if you have any questions and send me pictures of your lamp if you do try it….Happy Crafting Everyone!

Total Cost: $21

Materials needed: Tea pot, tea cups, saucers, lamp kit, Amaco self-hardening clay, Super Glue Gel.

Step One: Gather the materials you would like to use.

Step Two: Arrange the tea cups and dishware in the way you would like your lamp to look. I suggest using a steady heavy bowl for your base.

Step Three: Fill the top tea cup with clay and set the already assembled lamp kit about an inch deep inside. Leave room so you are able to remove the harp if you want to. Let it set for 24 hours.

Step Four: Glue the remaining elements together with a thin line of Super Glue Gel. This glue is no joke so make sure you have the placement right before you set the dishware down. Let the glue dry for a minute before gluing on the next one.

Step Five: Glue on the top tea cup in 24 hour then wait a day for the lamp to set before adding a lamp shade….That’s it…Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “DIY- Tea Lamp

  1. Hi Typhanie-

    I just love this. I am going to link it on my blog. I know my readers will adore it as much as I do. You did such a great job. Your tutorial is so detailed and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing.
    My best-

  2. So cute! I've been wanting to make one of these. One question – is the cord just coming out the top of the back of the top tea cup? I've seen others that cut holes all the way through the pieces which seems way too hard for me!!

  3. What a great lamp. I saw you featured over at Centsational Girl. I just had to stop by and become a follower. I want to make my two year old niece a teapot lamp. I will be bookmarking this project to make for her. I would love for you to stop by and say hi and check out my blog. Thanks. Looking forward to keeping up with your blog.

  4. Love this!! It's garage sale season right now, so I am going to be looking for the cast away teapots and cups, lol! Great Christmas gifts for those that have “everything”!! Thank you for your tutorial!!

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